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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Zaman Muda. Konon

Seronok juga 'stalk' Facebook diri sendiri. Hahahahaha. Hmm psycho gak aku ni. Takdalah. Saja nak tengok macam mana aku masa mula2 batak berpesbuk. Sememangnya kebatakan yang terserlah pada tahun 2010 itu masih kekal hingga ke hari ini ekekek.
Lebih kurang 4 tahun lah, pastu aku tengok progress aku mula dengan cara type berunsur 'rempitz', kini 'kerempitan' makin kurang. Lawak lah jugak, ok plus geli. So, it made me went thinking, if in 4 years time, I can already transform that tiny little detail in myself; the way I spell the words for example, of course I can make myself transform into a better human being, in another 4 years,  right? OK, so what's the fuss with '4 years'? Why choose 4 years, y don't in 2 years time, next year, y don't even NOW? Hmm, now that's a good question, in which I'm not gonna answer. yet.
Within 4 years, my feeling towards certain ppl also had changed. For instance, I might once like to be around that particular person but now I end up not talking to her anymore. Yes, I really meant to type 'her', it wasn't a typo. ( ;∀;) hahahaha.
It was during the time before I entered SESERI. When I was kinda 'experimenting' to befriend with lotta kinda ppl. (*´∀`*)
若いというごろ '`,、('∀`) '`,、

Now I'm gonna ask you, "Will you change and hate me?"
"Eii. Psycho"
"Fine. I was just asking"

"Nope. それはめっちゃ難しい"

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