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Thursday, 20 December 2012


Assalamualaikum. :D

I've made the decision. I'll go to UPM to register this 30th December. InsyaAllah. I pray I'm making the right decision. I've considered my parents' thought and several things so that's the FINAL destination decision. XD I got two of my friends who already confirmed their admission, so I feel kinda relieved because at least  I got some companions.

Current List to Do.

  1. Meet my besties from SMK Pandan to spend some quality time with them. AT LEAST to bid farewell before I'm going~
  2. Settle several nihongo no gurammaruu.
  3. Buy things I need (yeah, absolutely COMPULSORY)
  4. Settle the forms submission : both PLKN's and UPM's. 
  5. Take passport's photos
That's pretty much of it. So, byebye PLKN. Me gonna miss ya shoo much. :') *fake tears*

Good day PPL <33

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