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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Outing yang Gila.

Seronoknya outing. Hahha. Just now, Iman Immara and I went to the Food Fair at PWTC and yeahh.. we tasted food (duh, obviously..) Chocolate there, chocolate here. We walked until our feet ached.

でも一 unforgettable 物は、when one man tried to force us to buy his chocolate. He let us taste some and then when we wanna go somewhere else, he tried to force us to buy. He said sth in Mandarin but then he translated it which meant "You can't go back if u have been here, there's no way to go back", while making a weird face. I felt like slapping him esp when he grabbed my arm harshly. Luckily his dirty hand was not directly in contact with my clean arm. Hewhew.

We quickly got on our feet and ran (lol, we did not really run. just to emphasize more XD)

And.... THAT WAS IT. Our journey to search for more food ended there. We quickly walked to our school back. HAHA.

p/s: I was not really satisfied bc I couldn't go to MAGGI's booth. (ada ke? ada kott. :P)

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