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Saturday, 26 May 2012



Harrhaarr. Recently I'm on sorta  a 'diet' from saying curse words. I cursed a lot like he** and I thought I must put a full stop to this bad habit. Many of my friends suggest me to say other more beneficial words for example 'astaghfirullahalazim' which has good meaning but I dunno; sometimes change in an individual must be done slowly, stage by stage, am I right? So, a friend of mine introduced me a very interesting method, which replacing the cursing words with FOOD. And fyi, I'm a BIG fan of Mr. Food so this method is kinda helping, a  LOT.

Lemme amaze you all with my newly discovered talent. Ehemmm *clears throat*
"What the cekodok pisang is the strawberry teacher talking in front of the sandwich class?", which is most probably better than "What the h*ll is the s***le teacher talking in front of the f**king class?"
I could see some positive progress in me so wish  me luck, totemo onegai shimasu! >_<

Good day PPL <3

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