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Sunday, 27 May 2012



the ambi-bla-bla term above means an individual who can use both hands equally. 

Actually, I did notice that many friends around me are left-handed. Dakara, for the few passed weeks before the school hols, I did observe some of their behaviours; in the dormitory and classroom , and tried to imitate them. I also found out that I got some; lets say, 'unnecessary' interests to make myself an ambidextrous individual. I thought that it might be something useful for me for example during exam, whenever I'm tired to use my dominant hand (which is now, right hand), I can probably exchange hand. 

After sorta 'practicing' for few days to write with my left hand, I guessed it was time for me to do some 'experiments' with my new so-called 'ability'. So, I decided to try on my first exam paper, which was Bahasa Melayu. LOL, you guys shouldn't expect too high on me, I didn't dare to put the risk on my essay, I just tried to use my left hand for the 'Tatabahasa' section.
I could say that it was a success because it didn't turn out that bad but I'd say it as an 'okayy'..

For the time being I would like to step a step in front to challenge myself to draw or sketch something using my left hand. (why should I even do all these things when I had so 'fudging' other things to do? ; the answer is =  INTEREST & PASSION. TROLOLOL XD) 

Let's wait for the outcomes. . . .

Good day PPL <3

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