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Friday, 27 January 2012


Okayyyy. This stupid keyboard seems to piss me off. I really mean ‘off’ literally, and super annoyinggg. Maybe I’m doing my best at telling people on how I am lazy to type the entry. And revealing  the main  reason why my blog is the most illegible blog on winning the ugliest yet empty blog. LOL. I swear I am not making  excuses about the keyboard.  Maybe you guys need to reread the form 4 short story : QWERTYUIOP. Uhhh, uhh  lemme tell u bout the story!!! *out of the sudden being  a super excited stupid guinea pig*  m (__)m. nope… I don’t think I’ll tell. *shoots myself*Maybe everybody out of curiosity should go and google it? XD.  I wanna go get my towel and have my bath. Im stink. Like a guinea pig. Yeahhh, cant really imagine how guinea pigs are supposedly to smell actually. Awful. Yuckssss.

good day PPL <3

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