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Friday, 27 January 2012


Okayyyy. This stupid keyboard seems to piss me off. I really mean ‘off’ literally, and super annoyinggg. Maybe I’m doing my best at telling people on how I am lazy to type the entry. And revealing  the main  reason why my blog is the most illegible blog on winning the ugliest yet empty blog. LOL. I swear I am not making  excuses about the keyboard.  Maybe you guys need to reread the form 4 short story : QWERTYUIOP. Uhhh, uhh  lemme tell u bout the story!!! *out of the sudden being  a super excited stupid guinea pig*  m (__)m. nope… I don’t think I’ll tell. *shoots myself*Maybe everybody out of curiosity should go and google it? XD.  I wanna go get my towel and have my bath. Im stink. Like a guinea pig. Yeahhh, cant really imagine how guinea pigs are supposedly to smell actually. Awful. Yuckssss.

good day PPL <3

Monday, 2 January 2012


10.30 am

Assalamualaikum, fufufufu somangat nyo eden raso meng-update blog di pagi2 buto ini.. buta ke? matahari da nak naik kao kata butaaa --' okaayyy.. foinnnee. lupakan pasal kebutaan pagi nihhh..  hari ni bebudak tahun 1 kat sk pandan dah start orientasi, termasok la adikku yang terchentaa.. 1st time tengok budak lelaki pakai uniform sekolah almaklomla sorang ja laki, tu yang satu family excited terlebeh sikit.

hari ni semangat je bangun awal pastu tak tidor balik lepas subuh. sebenarnya bukan apa, banyak benda yang dah terfikir dalam otak ni semalam seblm masok tidor. sampai termimpi2 kott.. nak jadikan hari ni sbg 'deadline' untuk buat memacam sebagai contoh... TARAAA!! biskut samperit nih!!  at least kalau boleh biar la ada buat something untuk family kann. dalam ms sejam lebih gitu dah siap dah samperit ni :) actually ada  bayk tapi takkan la nak sumbat semua dalam gmbr kann? XD
yelaa, nak masak benda lain xbape retii, jadi ni jela yang termampu..

 tak tau la sedap ke tak, nak tggu ibu, ayah n adik balik nanti makan sesamaaa.. :D *ahha sweet x?*

Good day  PPL <3

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Assalamualaikum and yosshh.. :D

Its not that I am not super thrilled with the arrival of this new year, it just to think of it in which I got so many things to consider and to be worried about  that send shivers down my spine. Every year, 1st January's countdowns never failed to give me hard times to close my eyes or even to get some rest. I always feel like I have not done the best  in the previous year and not strong enough to face the upcoming year. I AM AFRAID OF THE FUTURE. Duhhh, wtv.. Done with the moody and worry thingy --' *here comes Ruki-kun singing Cassis, the part where 'to future not promised' *   lalala. >3<

Uhhh, almost forgot to mention here, "Otosan, otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!!!"  demo, I didn't prepare any purezento for u, gomen ne  ^^ (jjyeahh, I'm getting older and forgetful nowadays..)

Also I'm in the way of making a loooonnnngg list containing the things I wanted and have to do. However, as usual, human makes plan, Allah decides the best... The most important thing is to always PLAN THE BEST YET TO EXPECT THE WORST. :))

And its hard for me to say this, but I guess I have no choice, but *almost crying* to say goodbye to blogspot, facebook, twitter and all my friends (I mean friends in cyber world XD). I won't be here for another one month. Maybe earlier, this is if only I can by any means try to use the cc at the hostel. But maybe I should concentrate more on study, don't you think so? Well, we'll see..... :P

Good day, PPL <3