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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


okayyy. so I had some blogwalking sessions just now. yeahh, newbies like me must 'work hard', sou desu ne? >,<  for this passing and almost over school holiday, now I actually did realize that I got sfdm things to do. Finish my nihongo syllabus, cover up my form 4 lessons as preparation for my SPM next year (this fact really scares me to death) and  finish my sketches (I did some sketching of the jrockers, if you guys want to see my artworks, which are not so perfect maybe I will post them here or at FB if  I have finished them. ^^"). However, I actually did manage to finish one of them.

many weakness, I know that already :3, so I will improve myself. By the way, today I feel so f******* miserable due to.. naahhhhh, I guess I won't share it here.

Good day PPL <3