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Friday, 30 December 2011


I'm almost done packing my belongings, to bring them to the hostel. --' It is very tiring to find anything with such a mess in my room. I guess that finding needle in haystack is lot of easier.. I've got my body sweats all over because of the combination of ANNOYING (because I couldn't find things I need) + TIRING 'sensation'.

 *TARAAAA!! LOL This isn't my room, I just Google-d the pic X)*

However, I'll continue my task whenever I'd feel like doing, maybe tomorrow.
An important reminder to myself, be extra careful and don't miss even a single thing behind ESPECIALLY important things. Kuala Lumpur and Pahang, my home are surely in a very short distance, don't them? (lol, being lil' bit sarcastic in this rainy evening ^^")

Forget all the tiring whining and complaining from me, such an ungrateful human being because I actually did enjoy this one little tiny detail that I have almost forgotten to mention. I listened to the Gazette's new songs that I had downloaded like few days ago but I was kinda forgotten to listen to them.  XDD   ANDDD, the conclusion is I love ALL the songs... especially Psychopath.. (because I was kinda 'hesitated' [??!!] to listen to that song maybe because of the title, yeahh, I AM A WEIRDO, FACE THAT FACT   >0< )

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