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Tuesday, 27 December 2011



anoo, hajimemashite minna! welcome to this blog and please be nice to me because imma new blogger. :D
well, this is my first time in this blog thingy and i know so little thing about blogging. yeah, mainly the topic that will instantly attract me of course the-no-other-my-beloved-visual-kei. maybe you will find me to be super and extravaganza annoying due to my excessive interest (i wont admit that imma fanatic fangirl because im not one. >_<) in jrock stuff and few others. uhh, i usually just randomly talk about whatever i want in my real life so maybe i'd do the same here. so, yaddddaa, yadda be nice blaa.. bla... and also happy viewing. Last but not least dont forget to drop by and of course plese do follow me, newbie here *makes puppy face* and im surely wont be hesitated to follow you, nice-sweatheart-dearest human being. *nahh, just ignore my excessive sweettalkedness*.

Your dearest blog owner,

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